The Student Radio Association


    My work with the SRA…

    The Student Radio Association (SRA) are the representative body which supports and acts on behalf of student radio in the UK, representing any radio station linked to a place of education – such as universities and colleges.

    I have been involved in the SRA for many years! In this time I have taken on three different roles at different levels in the organisation. Below I have managed to detail what each role entailed.

    Web Developer (2014 – currently)

    In 2014 the current Chair of the SRA, Stu Manton, asked me to help manage the development of a new website for the SRA.

    I started the process of building a new website whilst I was Chair and the then Web Officer had started the work on it.

    The framework had been started by two previous Web Officers but due to the nature of volunteers they ran out of time to complete the project.

    I led a small team at first split in to planners, content editors, designers, and coders. Due to time and location issues the team became gradually smaller, until it was just me!

    By then the majority of the design was done. So I was left to code the rest of the site.

    A relatively complicated site. With lots of custom pieces of script, custom written plugins (yes, it’s WordPress!), and a special membership system with custom PayPal integration.

    In November 2014 we opened the site up for users and beta testing. In January 2015 we opened the site for new members and registration, and the project became a continuing agile development, with the ambition to write useful documentation so other developers can add to it!


    Student Radio Awards Judging Coordinator (2014 – currently)

    In 2014 I was asked to join two other former SRA Exec Chairs to assist in coordinating the judging for the Student Radio Awards supported by BBC Radio 1 and Global Radio.

    This involved me managing the process of 4 categories. I was responsible for setting the deadlines for the judges to give their opinions and ensuring this was given back to the SRA Exec in an accurate and clear way.

    It was brilliant to be on the other side of this process – having managed it from the SRA Exec side for 2 years.

    Chair of the Student Radio Association (2011 – 2013)

    The SRA Exec Team
    The SRA Exec Team

    In 2011 I was elected Chair of the SRA. This role is one of 5 on the Executive Committee, and as such I was the face of the SRA. I re-ran to be elected for a 2nd year in 2012. Many highlights from my tenure exist however just three of my top memories are:

    1. Being given the opportunity for a meeting with Ashley Tabor and Ben Cooper – together – to come to an agreement on co-headline sponsoring the Student Radio Awards.
    2. The incredible amount of contacts that I’ve been lucky enough to forge. From the professional industry and also within the wider student radio industry as well.
    3. The Demon FM hosted National Student Radio Conference. I joke about this being ‘my last public appearance’. The three days were a resounding success no least because of the huge amount of effort, time (and money) that the local Demon Media students put in. Special mention to Tom Williams! 🙂
    I worked with Fred as part of The Hits Radio’s Student Star 2012 and found Fred to be passionate, enthusiastic and dedicated to the project.

    He worked had to deliver a strong creative treatment to the activity and ensure it received it’s due prominence.

    Fred’s hardworking, dedicated and passionate and will go far!

    Paul Fernley
    Paul Fernley
    Programmes Manager, The Hits Radio

    Chart Officer / National Student Radio Chart Show Producer (2010)

    In 2010 I applied and was given the position of SRA Chart Officer. This involved me producing the nationally syndicated chart every week. The chart was hosted by a different station each week from around the UK.

    During my tenure in this role I managed to create a real emphasis on production quality, and content control meaning that even though the show is hosted by a different station each week listeners tuning in would still expect the same high standard quality show.

    Fred is one of the most talented Student Radio Chart Officers the Student Radio Association has seen. In just twelve short months he has completely transformed the networked show and turned it into something our members want to get involved in.

    He has worked fantastically with other members of the SRA team to create new and interesting content and packages for the chart show, to raise broadcasting standards at participating stations, and to train others in show planning and development.

    Not only that, but Fred is friendly, approachable and hardworking, and an absolute pleasure to work with.

    Sarah Ghost
    Sarah Ghost
    SRA Secretary

    South East Regional Officer (2009)

    In 2009 I was elected to the position of South East regional officer, charged with being the first point of call for around 7 stations based in the South East of England. In October of 2009 I organised a regional training day for all stations in the region, and Student Radio Awards Nominations party, where I produced the evening hosted by the Galaxy South Coast breakfast team (Gillies, Zoe and Sparky).