Radio Backtimer


    Project Details

    Project Background

    What do you do, when one of your best friends,¬†says “I’d like an app on my phone that can do my back timing for me!“?

    Well the first thing I said was “Do your own maths on a piece of paper or normal calculator like everyone else!”.¬†

    But he eventually won me over and the “Helpful Backtimer” – other creative names can be used – was born.

    More Details

    Initially built as a Web App, I converted it into a native iOS app in 2013 when producers wanted it on their phone, but were in an area where they couldn’t get signal!

    The iOS app is currently available on the App Store, with a version 2 to hopefully be ready later in 2015.

    User Comments

    Official Blurb…

    Never worry again!

    Ever get those butterflies in your stomach when you might not trust your own maths? That worry that you’ll make a dreadful crash of the live news? With the Helpful Radio Backtimer you’ll always be right on time at the top of the hour.

    This is the must have app for any studio producer or presenter. Used by producers across the world in organistions including the BBC, Global Radio, Real & Smooth Ltd, DMG Radio (Australia), Southern Cross Austereo, Free Radio and more.

    Plus, this app is made for the radio industry, by your colleagues! Inspired by a national radio presenter, and developed in the spare time of a freelance radio producer.