The Harry Potter Interviews


    To promote the release of the final Harry Potter movie, Jamie and Harriet were invited to interview members of the cast. A usual junket affair, with all of the country’s media in one hotel moving from room to room where they would find – in this case – Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Tom Felton and Matthew Lewis.

    For Heart how these junkets usually worked was a production company would film it for us, on two cameras. Camera A for the interviewee, and Camera B for the interviewer(s). The production company would then burn each camera’s output to CD, and give them to us (me)!

    In the case of Jamie and Harriet for the  years that I was working with Heart Breakfast, it was might job to produce a video. I had three items (the two camera angles, and the recorded audio from our own Marantz recorder.

    The videos are always great fun to produce, but doing 4 of them all in a day was hard work. This paid off really well though as we were able to link them all together with YouTube annotions. And because it was Harry Potter, the views on the videos were crazy!

    Bizarrely, in my opinion, the Matthew Lewis interview topped the other main characters’ posting 13,000 views. The others had an average of 4,000 views each. For all four of the videos the views are currently at 25,932 views.

    You can view all 4 videos via the playlist attached to this post.