Good Luck Jason Fans


    In support of Heart’s Jason Donovan being on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing. At Heart, I launched the campaign for #TeamJason – which received great feedback. I got budget spend confirmed to order 400 #TeamJason boards, saying “I am #TeamJason”. We then charged the Heart Angels to go out on to the streets and photograph support for Jason.

    He was then in the semi-finals, and I thought that we needed to jump it up a notch, we’d been doing photos for 4 weeks. So I gave the Heart Angels an HD Flip Cam, and asked them to film some of the fans.

    The clever bit – in my opinion – is that they went out to film the audience queue at lunchtime, ahead of that afternoon’s filming. They then sent the videos back to me, and that afternoon, I edited it together to be able to publish the video DURING the show, jumping on the #Strictly #SCD and #TeamJason hashtags to make the video fly quicker! 🙂