Digital Production Executive

    Between November 2013 and April 2014, I took a sidestep in my freelance business to take up the role of Digital Production Executive at B2B magazine publishers, EMAP.

    The role was to manage the building over 82 websites per year, for yearly awards and conferences as part of the “EMAP Events” team.

    Working to set design briefs, and with content provided by the Marketing Executives, I changed the way the sites were built to better reflect the new web standards that are present in 2014.

    IĀ built ‘mobile first‘ responsive websites using both commercial and open source CMS in HTML and CSS with some jQuery for functionality.

    Along side my normal work, I also took part in a project called “One Click Emails”. The team wanted a way to allow an end user to seamlessly submit a “Call Me Back” request into the company’s CRM tool (SalesForce) from one click of an email. This will mean that after the email campaign has been delivered a team of specialist telesales operators are ready to see the leads coming in and can call the end user back within minutes!

    After some toying around with PHP and automatic jQuery form submissions, I had worked out a way to do it, and in the small time I was with the company we sent out 4 campaigns using my bespoke script. The next stage of this project (which I’m hoping to be a part of on a freelance basis) is to allow users to intercept the form submission if their contact details are wrong. This will allow the company to have more accurate data, and reduce the current bounce rate of campaigns.

    Whilst at EMAP I was lucky enough to be allow to go on 2 management training courses, and subsequently was responsible for the recruitment of a junior to the role of Digital Production Assistant.

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