Monday, December 10, 2018
Picture: Flickr: skinnylawyer

9/11 Remembering 10 Years On

I'm sure we all know that today is 10 years on from the September 11th terrorist attacks on New York and Washington. By way of remembrance, and in a...

My experiment: #FredsBooDay

On Tuesday I made my foray into AudioBoo! I decided to 'Boo' my day, and record significant parts of my day. I don't lead a particularly interesting...

Social Media #RALondon Event

On Wednesday the Radio Academy put on another fantastic event, this time concentrating on Social Media (not sure if it should be capitals or not)! I went...

Some things from Work

Been a while since my last 'Work' post. A lot's been going on. We gave away a load of tickets to Take That's Progress Tour. We also had...

My Trip to the Beggars Opera

Last night Louise and I went to the Regents Park Open Air Theatre. It was the last night of 'Beggars Opera'. Dad had a pair of tickets that...

M&M World

Mainly a picture post. Last week myself and @ProducerMaz met up for lunch, then decided to quickly go and check out the brand new 'M&M World' (amusingly you...

Back to school!

Well, back to school this afternoon! Not done enough work! - should probably be doing some now! Not really that bothered tho! - i'm in one of those kind...

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