Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Why #ByeDemoFactor

So on twitter last night there were a few people asking for explanation to why people were saying #ByeDemoFactor. I promised that I would try to explain today....

New feature, first question

Don't know about your, but I often think up questions that aren't really important, but are interesting to know the answer to. Oh, and I'm not talking...
Last Chris Moyles Show

A day of goodbyes in Breakfast Radio

Today (and yesterday), I got up at 6.25. I think we all know that is because of Chris Moyles' last two shows. I won't lie, I welled up...
Reggie Yates, Official Chart Video

Good Example of Visual Radio

I think this is a fantastic example of how 'visual radio' can get listeners more engaged, and closer to the celebs they love. You may now that BBC...

A long update!

So the last few weeks have been pretty busy for me. Freelance work, SRA work, friends from Australia, job applications, and more! Firstly lets explain the photo.... Last...

Have Vodafone binned Personal Hotspot tethering?

So here I am on the packed 1900 train home from London. I do the usual, get the iPad out, and rather than put credit on my...
Scott and Annie

2012 Student Radio Awards

At midnight last night, entries for the 2012 Student Radio Awards officially opened. Students and their stations have just under 6 weeks to finalise their entries and submit...
Michael Flarup's App Icon Template

Sharing some love

I don't often do this (I probably should do it more). So picture the scene, you've just built an app for iPhone/iPad/Mac and you want to build yourself...
Free Radio Hamster

Orion Media’s new tv adverts

Just something quick for the start of a 4 day week! Over the weekend (during Britain's Got Talent), Orion Media launched their new TV advert(s). Initially I was...

Simply quite cool!

It's probably not that often that Radio 2 is classed as 'cool', but this 40 second trailer, released today for BBC Radio 2's 2Day is just that! The...

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