Monday, December 10, 2018

“A Face with a Santa Hat Appears to me in my Toothpaste Spillage”

I have already sent this letter to a couple of my favourite news outlets, but I figured publishing it here might help my cause a little! :)...

Top 10 Memories of The Church

I learnt some sad news today. The Church - a club that only happens on a Sunday during the day - is to close it's doors for...

Have Vodafone binned Personal Hotspot tethering?

So here I am on the packed 1900 train home from London. I do the usual, get the iPad out, and rather than put credit on my...
Reggie Yates, Official Chart Video

Good Example of Visual Radio

I think this is a fantastic example of how 'visual radio' can get listeners more engaged, and closer to the celebs they love. You may now that BBC...

What have I learned in 2012?

So I wanted to write a short post, that I can read back in a years times. A bit of seriousness, and a bit of tongue and...

New feature, first question

Don't know about your, but I often think up questions that aren't really important, but are interesting to know the answer to. Oh, and I'm not talking...

Some things from Work

Been a while since my last 'Work' post. A lot's been going on. We gave away a load of tickets to Take That's Progress Tour. We also had...

M&M World

Mainly a picture post. Last week myself and @ProducerMaz met up for lunch, then decided to quickly go and check out the brand new 'M&M World' (amusingly you...
Free Radio Hamster

Orion Media’s new tv adverts

Just something quick for the start of a 4 day week! Over the weekend (during Britain's Got Talent), Orion Media launched their new TV advert(s). Initially I was...

A long update!

So the last few weeks have been pretty busy for me. Freelance work, SRA work, friends from Australia, job applications, and more! Firstly lets explain the photo.... Last...

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