Monday, December 10, 2018

Top 10 Memories of The Church

I learnt some sad news today. The Church - a club that only happens on a Sunday during the day - is to close it's doors for...

Are “NOW” albums losing their touch?

It's an institution that marked my childhood! I'm sure you too, can remember going to Our Price, Virgin Megastore or HMV (or of course Woolworths or WHSmith) to...

Launch of Sydney’s Kiis 1065

It's been of the most anticipated launches for a major metro radio market in a long time. Been talked about over the summer (out of  survey) break by...

“A Face with a Santa Hat Appears to me in my Toothpaste Spillage”

I have already sent this letter to a couple of my favourite news outlets, but I figured publishing it here might help my cause a little! :)...

Two emotive bush fire promos from 2Day FM

As bushfire season starts a little earlier than normal - with some fires in 'out of the norm' locations - 2Day FM (remember that station that everyone...

My ‘phenomenon’ YouTube mashup

I saw this video of "The Artist Taxi Driver" on an episode of Russell Howard's Good News, and came decided to mash up with The Muppets! It made...

Remembering a moment 10 years on

Editorial: I said I'd write a blog post about this, so here it is. It's taken a week or so to put it all together, I didn't...

Making your website do the Harlem Shake

You know what the Harlem Shake is right? It's been going around the internet like a sore thumb for the past week or so, with everyone taking...

What have I learned in 2012?

So I wanted to write a short post, that I can read back in a years times. A bit of seriousness, and a bit of tongue and...

Police and Crime Commissioner Votes

So earlier this evening at about 7pm, I went across the road to my local church to place my vote for the #PCC elections. Police and Crime Commissioners...

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