About Fred

Fred Bradley is a 34 year old Web Developer and Media producer based in Surrey (and sometimes London)!

He owns a dog, is on twitter and took 8 years to get engaged but is now married!

You might find him blogging about radio – specifically student radio – or anything to do with Australia!

He loves a BBQ and if you were in a pub with him there’s a 90% chance he’d have a Peroni!

With a job that see’s most of his time spent online, it’s unsurprising that he communicates on Twitter a fair bit.

During the (few) times when he parts from his computer he spends it with his labradoodle and his wife walking the green fields of Surrey!

Tech Setup

Everyone has their preferred working setup and after working on my own for a while I realised the key Apps that I needed to help my business and workflow flourish.

I’m fortunate to have a current employer who lets met use all of these things day by day!

* I don’t mind Windows, but I’ll work so much quicker on a Mac!
** It’s a preference thing, but I find a trackpad quicker and less harmful for RSI compared to holding a mouse.