It’s been of the most anticipated launches for a major metro radio market in a long time. Been talked about over the summer (out of  survey) break by almost everyone. Even around the world people are talking about it (admittedly, radio geeks!).

To fill you in. Kyle and Jackie O – Australia’s most popular FM breakfast radio show – left Southern Cross Austereo (whom they had each been with for over 10 years). Then with the announcement that the Australian Radio Network (ARN) were in discussions with them the speculation mounted. Eventually ARN announced that they were going to change Mix 106.5 (an adult contemporary station – similar to Heart in the UK) into a brand new station and Kyle and Jackie O were going to be on it!

As you can imagine more speculation, and people started wondering what it would be called, etc etc.

It was announced that it would be called Kiis (pronounced “Kiss” – I’ve never understood why!) and a launch date was set.

Scores of people in Sydney and thousands more around the world listened in at 6am Sydney time, and this is what they were waiting for: