[alert color=blue title=”Explanation” align=center]I have already sent this letter to a couple of my favourite news outlets, but I figured publishing it here might help my cause a little! 🙂 [/alert]

To whom it may concern:

I am writing as I believe I may have a story you might be interested in publishing (either online or in print) for your newspaper/news outlet.

I have seen lots of similar stories in the past and mine has particular seasonal and festive ties.

Last night while I was brushing my teeth (two minutes with the Oral B electric toothbrush my girlfriend got me for my birthday), I accidentally dropped/spilt a bit of toothpaste from the brush.

I thought nothing of it and continued on. But then as I went to wash it away, I noticed a face staring back at me. A slightly disfigured face nonetheless, but – appropriately with Christmas a little over a week away – it looked as though the face was wearing a Santa Hat!

Like I said, I’ve seen many stories like this in the past in your papers, and publications similar to it. “Jesus appears to me on my toast”, “Face of Gandhi appears in the carving out of butter/nutella”, etc etc. So I thought you might be interested in running my story.

I have attached two pictures. First the original image, taken on my iPhone of face. And secondly, the same image, but in the form of a ‘meme’ that I posted to Facebook and twitter last night.

Please feel free to contact me for any more information.

Kind Regards,

Fred Bradley

PS, please excuse the state of the rest of the sink. I had just shaven.

Santa Meme