Last night / this morning was the end of an era for many. As many people in the industry know, from October 1st Smooth Radio programming moves into Leicester Square to join the rest of Global Radio’s portfolio.

It means it’s a new beginning for many, but also a goodbye for more.

So while producing Kid Jensen yesterday evening, we realised that he would be the last voice to broadcast from the Smooth Radio studios at Castlereagh Street. So I took this short video of a broadcast facility that is no more…

Who knows what the team at Leicester Square have in store for the future of Smooth Radio. (A lot of people on hear like to think they know…)

I enjoyed it there. Having made a lot of new friends that will most likely stay friends for life, it was a very close knit community at Castlereagh Street. Even though I was only there sporadically when someone was ill, or on holiday, I still felt this friendship and openness.

Hopefully they’ll be able to continue this with the added wizz and sparkle that is now surrounding them!

Whether it was worrying if Pat Sharp would turn up on time for his weekend breakfast show (he always turned up at 6am on the dot!),  Lynn Parsons trying to call my bluff by saying she always did the last hour of her show naked(!!), or maybe the irreplaceable Simon Lowe writing “Mrs Jensen” at the top of Kid’s prep sheet on my first shift, which I hurriedly changed before realising that it was one of his long running loveable jokes! I’m not sure what my favourite memory has been.

No doubt with this small and every shrinking industry our paths will cross again at some point in the future.