Today on the “I attended #SRACon 2013” group on Facebook there has been a bit of promotion for one person’s new venture of providing station imaging, targeting student radio stations.

In the interest of comparison and competition, here are a few ideas you might like to consider about your station’s imaging.

Those interested in station imaging might fancy a read of this piece from, which discusses BBC Radio 1’s station imaging development with their Station sound designer, Matt Fisher.

As you can imagine there are loads of different imaging companies out there. You get the larger companies like Music4, and IQ Beats, who are often regarded as industry leaders providing imaging for many of the big brands around the world.  Then there are also other imaging outfits that are (in size comparison) smaller. But might be able to offer you exactly what you want at a more reasonable price for your budget.

Here’s just four I’ve picked out from memory:

But how about this…

Rather than paying for someone else to do your student radio station’s imaging why don’t you do it yourself? You’ll be giving someone (probably more than one person) experience and you can actually say it’s YOUR station! Plus you are undoubtedly paying less!

To help you on your way there are toolkits that you can download. Most you pay a small subscription for, others you can get for free if you can prove your an educational body.

Here are some examples:

Even if you’re not sure where to start, there are plenty of people (in this group, and in the industry) that would be more than willing to give you some pointers, and advice without doing the whole thing for you. Seeing as I’ve done two lists of links already, here’s the third and final one.

Here are eight amazing audio producers in the industry that I know are great and I think (hope) that they’ll be happy to help you out! – If you ask them in a nice and pleasant way! I’m not going to give links, but anyone with a brain will think of a way to contact them!

  • Ben TownsendFormer URN. Ben has produced the audio imaging for the Student Radio Awards for the last few years and also works at Radio 1 and Wise Buddah.
  • Andrew Wilson ‘Wilso’ worked for the Hit Music Network in Nottingham and now is a Network Producer for the Capital Network.
  • Ashley BardAsh started at 16 at Gemini FM. He worked his way up through various brands and name changes, and now also works for Capital Network.
  • Joe ThomasJoe was the station producer at Oxford’s Jack FM, where creative jingles were his thing. After a couple of years at Absolute Radio he has now moved back to a more senior role at Jack FM.
  • Richard Newby‘Nobby’ works primarily for Choice FM but has many years experience working across all brands at Global Radio.
  • Adam Hood‘Hoody’ is in the same team as Nobby at Global Radio but with more of a focus on Heart.
  • Paul JonesPJ is the station producer as Oxford’s Jack FM and has spoken at the last two Student Radio Conferences about station imaging.
  • Fiona BowdenFiona used to work for Australia’s Hot 30, and Triple J and more recently at Classic FM. 

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I remember when Ben Townsend taught me and others how to properly put reverse reverb on effects. I hadn’t a clue before that.

Finally you might find it interesting to read this article from David Tyler: “5 ways to instantly improve your radio station’s imaging“.

Good luck, and remember if you are refreshing your imaging, make sure you remember to enter for next year’s Student Radio Awards – the Marketing and Station Sound award is probably best!

All views, of course, my own and if you want more of them you can chat to me on Twitter!