If you haven’t yet had a play with the web version of my ‘Helpful Radio Backtimer’ then make sure you check it out on your mobile or desktop today! It is currently optimised for iOS devices.

After such good feedback when I launched media for it on 24 March, I have taught myself how to build a very basic iPhone application. That iPhone app (compatible with iPad and iPod Touch too) is now awaiting to be approved by the Apple App Store team. Once that goes live, I shall begin work on an Android app version because Nobby wants me to!

I’ve come across a couple of errors in testing, which I believe I have fixed in the iPhone App version. But if you come across any other error please do let me know!

The benefit of the app version of course, is that you don’t need the internet for it to load or to use it. So if you’re studio is down in a bunker somewhere and you can’t access the internet you can still get to the top of the hour on time!

[alert color=blue title=”Find out more” align=center]To find out more about the Helpful Radio Backtimer, and why I even started to develop it the first place check out this entry in my portfolio! [/alert]