Editorial: I said I’d write a blog post about this, so here it is. It’s taken a week or so to put it all together, I didn’t originally intend it to be this long but I guess if you’re going to talk about something you want to reflect on then you better get all the detail right! 

Last week marked 10 years since what I still remember as a scary and difficult time for my family, friends and my own health. Of course 10 years ago is a long time – in fact I would suggest that most of my closest friends now (the ones that I regularly meet with to go to the pub) I didn’t know 10 years ago! And whilst I have reflected on this moment a lot, it’s not something that I mark especially, talk about or remember normally. I simply thought that 10 years is a significant milestone to talk about it.

So one Friday afternoon at boarding school, I started to feel ill. I went down to the infirmary, and told the nurse my symptom. It was the nurse that most of us didn’t really like, not that she was nasty or professionally incompetent  just that she wasn’t nearly as friendly as the other nurses on the staff. She assessed me by taking my temperature. I remember her saying that it’s ‘a little high’, and she asked if I was going home that weekend or staying in. I was going home. She said “you just need some ‘TLC’, go home and get some rest”.

So I went home, Saturday afternoon was good, and was probably feeling better. Sunday morning I woke up and as far as I remember I was normal. I had to visit a rehearsal at the local theatre company where I was helping to organise something with a few friends. I remember feeling really hot, so before we went out I had ANOTHER shower to cool me down. I was feeling ill, and remember a sore throat perhaps but I really wanted to see my friends.

Skip forward a couple of hours, still not feeling 100% but my mother has always had the attitude that “if you don’t have a leg falling off then you’re alright”, so I went back to school – a little earlier than normal at about 4pm, because I had some coursework to do. I went up to my room at school, and started to unpack and start my coursework.