What have I learned in 2012?


So I wanted to write a short post, that I can read back in a years times. A bit of seriousness, and a bit of tongue and cheek all mixed together. The easiest way to do this would be a top 10.. so here we go – what has 2012 taught me?

10. I started the year finding out how much fun you can have on a golf buggy!

9. I learned how easy it is for a PD to tell a freelancer that, there’s no money left, and “I’ve gotta let you go”.

8. I learnt how lucky you need to be in the radio industry, and how lucky I was that within 24hours of being told I didn’t have a job, I had a job again – same place, different hours.

7. In April I was reminded about point 9. (Also in this month, I learnt what it was like to be in a gay bar in Cardiff, whilst the news of Whitney Houston’s death was breaking.)

6. I’ve learnt that how ever much you plan for an big event there’s always something that will go wrong. I’ve also learnt that not everyone has the same standards that I do.

5. I’ve learnt that the radio industry has to, and will continue to evolve, and the only way for brands to continue to succeed is to join in, and be more creative than their tradition dictates.

4. I’ve learnt that I can make a budget version of Google search, and moreover learnt that my server can cope with a database of over 3.6million entries, over the course of 5 weeks .

3. Similar to the point above, I’ve learnt that it is possible to build a system that will significantly help your Google page rank based. – with just a little bit of cost and work for the end user involved.

2. I’ve learnt that often finding work is about putting yourself about a bit, and not obtrusively, but just occasionally mentioning the idea, that you’re looking for work.

1. But most of all,  I’ve leant that really good friends, will always remain good friends. No matter if you still work with them, still live with them, still travel with them, still party with them, or not. Even if you’re on the other side of the world too!