So earlier this evening at about 7pm, I went across the road to my local church to place my vote for the #PCC elections.

Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) will aim to cut crime and deliver an effective and efficient police service within their force area.

I’m sure I’m not the only one in the country that thinks that the lack of any type of canvassing by candidates in this election makes it farcical. The only way people know about the candidates is if they look up the information themselves. Which I did on this website. However if you have a look at some of the comments on there, many of the candidates haven’t even bothered to fill in their full details. So what good does that do for them in the election.

One of the candidates in my area didn’t even write her own manifesto, she got someone else to do it. (I know this is allowed, but why can’t she even spend the time and effort to tell us what she think herself rather than getting someone else to write it for her!)

So that was the lead up, then there’s the voting process.

We walked across the road, and went into the church hall. There was two tables on both sides of the room, with a row of chairs separating the room down the middle. Two people were on one table to the right, and one lady on the left hand table. The two people on the right were having a chat, so we went to the lady on her own. We told her our address. (At this point I’d like to add there was no “Hello”, or even a smile or “How can I help you”). She looked down a list and said: “Oh we don’t have you on this list, try over there…” she pointed at the opposite table. Now there wasn’t any signposting that explained to the ‘customer’ what side of the room your road would be on. How were we meant to know?

We went to the other table. Remember this is the table with two people at the list. So I’ll explain, there was a man and a woman. The woman had the list of address so we showed them our voting cards, and gave them our address. She looked down a list, and eventually found our address.

At this time the man (who was clearly tasked with writing our voting number in a box) asked to see our voting card because “It’s easier and saves time once he has the number“. It’s at this point that I look closer at the list. What the list says is our address, our name and then our voting number. The woman declares to the man my voting number (he’s already looking for it on my voting card). He writes it down. He gets a voting slip, folds it in half, and gives it to the woman. The woman gives it to me.

Then my girlfriend’s name (remember the man already has her number written on a ballot paper in front of him!). The woman declares the number to the man. There was clearly some confusion as this number was then repeated (presumably for the benefit of the man) 4 times! He has the number written down in front of him. Just copy it!

Now I rarely come on this blog to rant and rave, but I seriously could not believe how poorly organised this was. I don’t know who these people were, I at first assumed they were part of the local council (which was leaving me in a bit of a state thinking that our local affairs were being dealt with such disorganisation), but I’m told they’re probably part of the church.

The whole thing I found very awkward, and lacked of any sense of social community. Having said that, on our way out of the church we were offered cake and tea/coffee. We said no. We just wanted to get out of there!

I live in Surrey, in the Mount Hermon West Ward of Woking.