So on twitter last night there were a few people asking for explanation to why people were saying #ByeDemoFactor.

I promised that I would try to explain today. Please note, this is an open advisory sent out to all SRA officers this morning. There will be no official release or statement from the SRA at the moment. Instead we’re concentrating on celebrating the successes of our members at the Student Radio Awards Nominations this evening!

Like everything in life, we all need a little rest every now and again. The Demo Factor judges felt that after doing Demo Factor for 5 years it, and they, should rest. It certainly isn’t a case that either they or the SRA exec have “sacked” either of each other, nor is it that the SRA exec has purposely “got rid” of the feature. All of the judges have asked me to express that they all still wish to be involved in the Conference, but, for now, in separate individual capacities. (It’s like take that or boy zone splitting up!) Equally the SRA Exec would like to thank, Chris, Sam, Neil, Vicki, Rob, and Adam for all the time, effort, thought and commitment that they have put in over the past 5 years.

It’s a time for change and the SRA Exec’s task now is to develop a new feature that can equally benefit its members, and bring the expected element of fun to the Conference. We have a few ideas for this already but are unlikely to release anything until next year. In the meantime, if you have any new ideas please email over. Additionally feel free to relive old demo factor memories on twitter with #byeDemoFactor.

There will not be an official SRA announcement about this development yet, as we wish to concentrate everyone’s thoughts on today’s training days, tonight’s nominations, and next months awards.