Don’t know about your, but I often think up questions that aren’t really important, but are interesting to know the answer to. Oh, and I’m not talking about “Was it the big bang that killed the dinosaurs?” (Amusingly the best reason I’ve heard recently for the dinosaurs becoming extinct is that they all became homosexuals, and thus couldn’t reproduce).

The plan of action here, is that I will post the question on my Twitter and sometimes Facebook, then after leaving it enough time to collate answers I shall post some of your answers here! Sound fair?

First Question:

Why is Nova 969’s competition called “Champagne Showers”?

Background: Fitzy and Wippa, the breakfast ‘hosts’ (read: “presenters” for English readers) on Sydney’s Nova 969 are brining the competition back for a second series. The concept of the game is to register your phone number on the Nova website, then Fitzy and Wippa could call you. When they call you, you have to answer with the word “Champagne Showers”, in order to win whatever money the jackpot is on currently. If the person doesn’t answer correctly then the jackpot increases for the next listener.

Obviously the radio station wins, because they have the numbers and details of their listeners. Also of course if listeners are keen to win then every phonecall they ever receive will be answered “Champagne Showers” – thus promoting the campaign to other potential listeners.


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  • Joanna Woods It’s a song I think Freddy?
  • Ethan O’Leary Maybe cause u can shower in champagne with the money you win lol?
  • Andy Panpipe Vale Champagne ain’t cheap.
  • Richard Curtin 1. what do people drink when they want to celebrate
  • Phill Nathan probably also makes a good bed. quite often, that’s reason enough.
  • Richard Curtin 2. when you see people win lotto – what are they typically drinking
    3. when people win races – F1 – Tour De France etc – what are they spraying?
  • Richard Curtin Therefore Champagne showers – a way to celebrate a winfall – such as being given cash by answering a phone singing champagne showers 🙂
  • Matt Mason Because Fitzy and Whipper are very creative…………………(Dumb bogans)
  • Fiona Bowden Lol….it’s Aussie…thus it’s probably naughty! 😉