Last Chris Moyles Show

Today (and yesterday), I got up at 6.25. I think we all know that is because of Chris Moyles’ last two shows.

I won’t lie, I welled up yesterday, while driving to work (not good on the A3), today I’ve been alright, but there’s still 20 minutes to go at the time of writing.

To have a show that runs 8years is one thing. But Chris’ show is unique in so many ways. A master of the zoo format, and with a personality that engages everyone, whether you like his attitude or not. Their words at the end of their last show were right. Think of everything that they have done in 8 years. Mostly the same team, always together, and always Chris’ way!

Aled’s story coming from Hospital Radio to to the Radio 1 Breakfast show, is a story that should remind everyone. Never give up on your dreams, and aspirations. Also more proof that a well trodden path between Student Radio and Hospital Radio can sometimes lead it’s way to the BBC.

But Chris and the Team aren’t the only people leaving Breakfast radio today.

Somewhere on the 4th Floor in Leicester Square’s Global Radio, a lovely girl called Chloe Gunning today has her last shift working on Heart Breakfast with Jamie and Harriet.

Chloe’s been working there for 5 years. She’s worked bloomin’ hard. She’s been on the Heart Breakfast production team for most of all that time. Plus has produced Emma Bunton’s Saturday Show for the past year (and a bit?).

Chloe was the person who got me into Heart 2 and half years ago. She was the one that took me under her wing (I had to duck down), and I learnt so much.

Chloe – thank you, good luck on new ventures, and I’m sure that the 4th floor won’t be the same.


// End – of a bit of a mess of a blog post. Moyles’ show got me a bit emotional.