Reggie Yates, Official Chart Video
Reggie Yates, Official Chart Video

I think this is a fantastic example of how ‘visual radio’ can get listeners more engaged, and closer to the celebs they love.

You may now that BBC Radio 1 have been “visualising” the last hour of the Official Chart with Reggie Yates. So listeners can watch via the website (and I think perhaps the Red Button as well) to watch the music videos of the top 10 songs, see Reggie in the studio, but also any guests that Reggie has in the studio during that time.

But what happens when a guest can’t make it into the studios in London because they’re in LA? …. You Skype, and screen cast the output of course!

[yootube id=”kFiNVFafJhc”]
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This kind of content works well, both for the live show (6-7 Sundays), and but especially for cutouts like this to share online, ‘outside of the bubble’ to go viral!

More brands *could* produce content like this!