So the last few weeks have been pretty busy for me. Freelance work, SRA work, friends from Australia, job applications, and more!

Firstly lets explain the photo…. Last weekend my girlfriend finally managed to take her first flying lesson. I say finally as she has been trying to book it since April, but the weather has also prevented her from going up in the air. There a video that I’ll put below later…

Now to the SRA. The brilliant news is that we’re ahead of time when it comes to sorting out initial conversations regarding sponsorship compared to last year which is great, the wonderful Stu Manton is being excellent.

We had the SRA handover/training weekend at the beginning of July and for the first time in three years the WHOLE incoming team was in attendance which I was very pleased about. We held the SRA weekend in Capital FM East Midlands, the home of Dick Stone (who’s blog you should definitely check out)!

Other SRA work has involved planning for the Student Radio Awards. I’ve joined Stu on many of his sponsorship meetings in an effort to encourage potential sponsors that this is more than us just needing money. With all our sponsorship efforts this year the aim is to create more benefits thought the course of the year, and perhaps longer!

I also went along to the Radio Academy’s Hackney Weekend Masterclass. This was half for the SRA and half for me – as being freelance/unemployed I decided it was a great networking opportunity. Which it was, find out about my chat with Sam Bailey below!

Outside of SRA…. I had a hair cut!

Oh, you want more exciting than that?

So in my own work. After leaving Heart work has been slow, but fortunately I have other skills which I can get paid for too. For example I’ve recently completed two big web development projects one for Seriously Sofas, which was purely created as a ‘test the theory’ idea. I’m pleased to say it worked and Seriously Sofas’ web traffic and sales have really picked up!

The other I’m very proud and excited about and is a project for Heart’s Who’s On Heart competition. You can read a bit about the development here. Since I wrote that initial blog post I’ve since put in stats, which I think are the really clever part of the project. The stats are able to show Senior Producers at Heart how many guesses have been made in total (over 2.8million in the last month), what people are guessing online (so they know whether or not the last remaining celebrity has been guessed). It also tells them the average number of guesses that hour (4000), and allows them to see the misspellings that are being made so they can add in more ‘nicknames’ to allow users to return the correct results.

I’m particularly proud of the system as its being talked up every hour on air and is probably going to be redeveloped and reused again!

There are a couple of other projects that I’m working on, including a talent focused personal profile development, and a further improvement of RajarSmilies. Plus something that is top secret and can’t tell you about yet (few deciding factors in the way).

Also this month, over the duration of the Olympics, I’m working with old Heart colleague Simon Williams (it’s all about who you know), on the International Radio Festival – the only (other) DAB popup station allowed in London during the Olympics. (the other is of course FiveLive’s!)

Simon and I are working shifts and are effectively english speaking studio managers, ensuring that the operation runs smoothly until the 12th August.

Next some really exciting news, about a month ago I filled in one of those really long and arduous BBC job applications to become a content producer at BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra. After filling out a number of these job apps and being accustomed to the usual “Sorry not this time” reply, I was very excited to find that I’ve been asked for interview. The interview is actually tomorrow, so I’ll let you know how it goes.

Finally I’m looking forward to August where one of my best mates from Australia is coming over, with his new girlfriend! We haven’t seen each other since 2009, both much younger, no doubt we will try to relive a bit of our youth and apparently a trip to The Church is on the cards – (if you don’t know it can’t harm you)

That’s quite enough for now a very long post. Catch you soon, any questions, comments or job offers as always welcome! 🙂