Michael Flarup's App Icon Template
Michael Flarup's App Icon Template

I don’t often do this (I probably should do it more).

So picture the scene, you’ve just built an app for iPhone/iPad/Mac and you want to build yourself one of those typical Mac looking Icons to show off your produce in the store. Or perhaps it’s even simpler than that and you just want to build a couple of different sized favicons for your website.

The awesome Michael Flarup (@flarup) – great name by the way – has done all the hard work for you. He has developed a Photoshop file that has a few custom templates in already, and you can of course add your own design as well.

The clever and brilliant thing about it is that the file has ‘Actions’ built into it so that you are actually making 10 icons, but you’ve only designed one. I’ve never seen Photoshop Actions been used in this way and it’s very clever.

Please go check out his page appicontemplate.com it’s saved me a lot of work, and I know it will continue to do so.

He even has a Flickr group where people can share what they have created using his ‘script’. Cool idea!