Thursday 17th May 2012 was a very exciting day! RAJAR day Quarter 1, 2012 and the launch of the brand new version of RajarSmilies was upon us.

Very quick vocab lesson for those not in the know!

RAJAR stands for “Radio Joint Audience Research” it’s what the radio industry measures it’s successes with. It’s despised by a lot of the industry because it’s not that accurate, but it’s the best we’ve got!

RajarSmilies is a concept that Toby D’Olier came up with back in 2009. “Rajar is complicated to understand. We simplify it through the power of facial emotions.”

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Toby asked me to help him build a site where he could keep and archive results from each quarter so users could get more from the site and the concept. I built version two (Neil Bentley built version one, which was just a static HTML page), meaning I took Neil’s front-end design, added a database, and built a back end for Toby to add the details to.

But Thursday saw the launch of Version 3. Version 3 is built on WordPress, and it’s amazing. Built entirely using custom post types, and extra meta data you can now see the specific station pages with all their quarter results on the page.

Screen Shot of Stats
Screen Shot of Stats 

On launch day we 1619 page impressions. Over a total of 721 visits from 665 unique visitors. We hadn’t pre-promoted at all. I ensured that our google rank was good, and that the key words were correct. We then did spam post on twitter, a lot! I wrote a script that would send a tweet to every station saying ‘Have you seen what your smiley is?”. That in turn did get us a huge flurry of page hits (I was being geeky and monitoring in real time using Google Analytics).

The other metric of how well we did is that I ensured that any link that we posted to the homepage on twitter / facebook was using so that I could see what kind of effect the social media cross promoting was having.

I hope you can have a look at the site, let me or Toby know what you think!

[EDIT: Right at the end of the evening, (I went out in London on Thursday night, and got the train home at midnight.) On the train I happened to bump into Ryan Hunter, the SRA’s new South East Regional Officer and the new Station Manager for Radio Sonar. I don’t remember exactly how we got onto the topic but we were speaking to a random girl of similar age to ourselves, and it turns out that she (although we have no idea who she is, or what she does) filled out a RAJAR diary this quarter. She listens to a lot of Radio 1. She used to listen to 2-Ten FM (Heart Thames Valley) but she doesn’t like the adverts! Ahh, the youth! – Thanks for Ryan for reminding me I should add that in!! ]