Picture: Flickr: skinnylawyer
Picture: Flickr: skinnylawyer

I’m sure we all know that today is 10 years on from the September 11th terrorist attacks on New York and Washington.

By way of remembrance, and in a typical show of geekiness, I have uploaded some old audio from 2001.

I was 16 years old when this happened. Like so many others, can remember where I was when I heard the news, and where I was when I saw on TV the towers come crashing down.

I was still at school, we’d just come back to the boarding houses (yes I went to boarding school) from rugby training and saw a load of people crowding in the TV rooms. They were showing BBC news, the towers were both hit. I don’t think either were down at that point though.

That night, whilst doing evening study I recorded the radio. News Direct 97.3 was the only rolling news service I could get in ‘high’ quality. (DAB wasn’t around then!)
News Direct 97.3 is now called LBC 97.3. These recordings remind us how the event was covered while also letting us geek out at the old radio production! “Travel on the ones”.

Never Forget. Thoughts are with the friends, family and colleagues of all those who suffered 10 years ago.

News Direct 97.3 on 11th September 2001 by fredbradley