On Wednesday the Radio Academy put on another fantastic event, this time concentrating on Social Media (not sure if it should be capitals or not)! I went along to see what all the fuss was about.

The panel was chaired by Julian Worricker (presenter of You and Yours on BBC Radio 4) and consisted of Laura-May Coope (Social Media Producer at Yardling House), Matt Deegan (from Folder Media, Fun Kids and general radio blogger), Tony Moorey (Content Director at Absolute Radio) and Chris Hawkins (BBC 6Music presenter).

Like with many of these type of panel events about social media, there wasn’t much “new” going on. But there were a few new spins on the same idea. Here are just a few of my notes and thoughts.

1. While it gets tiresome to hear “You can call the show on 0845 xxx xxxx, email at my.name@station.com, text me on 82345, tweet me @myradio or get on the facebook page ‘My Radio is Awesome’, here’s some Michael Buble…” there is a benefit to simply say “I’ve been reading your posts at…”. Doing this means that listeners still feel included because they know that you are taking in what they are saying. This was described best by Tony Moorey who explained at a Bon Jovi gig recently for Absolute Radio their facebook page was taken over by fans. It would have been impossible to simply read everyone’s out and you’d loose touch as by the time you read one, another 40 had been posted. But by Russ saying “I’ve been reading your posts” they started to write on the wall “He’s been reading our posts”

2. You don’t have to mention and read out all messages you get in. This would be a long and drawn out process. Instead, in order to push your audience around all the different platforms you broadcast on, you could publish some of the messages back to social media. EG. On facebook you could write “Just had a tweet from Jason saying he’s stuck for ideas this valentines day.. can we help him out?”

3. Matt Deegan suggested the best way to move followers forward on social media is on social media! – What would happen if presenters weren’t allowed to mention twitter or facebook on air but they still had to meet increase their followers.

4. Matt also pointed out (and I realise he’s been saying this for a while). The likely reason people interact and follow you on Facebook is probably because it’s a better user experience than your website!

5. Laura-May told us how Radio 1 purposely exist on a whole host of different social media platforms, but always think: “Where would users go if our website broke” – answer is likely to be facebook or twitter – so they provide content and information that you’d expect there as well. Exist on different channels in case one breaks.

6. You can always schedule tweets / facebook posts to promote whats coming up tomorrow. Eg – for breakfast.

7. Tony Moorey pointed out that the Absolute Radio Breakfast Show regularly post teaser videos for a big event to gain support and interactivity. It’s a story that listeners/audience can follow.

8. Tony also pointed out that because social media is public your facebook page acts like a shop window to your audience (customers) so your customer service has to be fantastic. Reply, message them back, be personal. A great example of excellent customer service on twitter is @BTCare.

Finally a few other notes that were mentioned – that aren’t really about social media, but were interesting things that came out of the meeting. Real Radio are now taking Ryan Seacrest‘s syndicated show.

For an interesting read check out Planet Rock’s facebook page on a Friday afternoon.

Absolute are questioning how much you could charge for comercial mentions on Facebook – they had a meeting last week that discussed this.

Fred wins a DAB RAdio
Thanks to @AbsoluteRadio and @RadioAcademy

All in all a really interesting #RALondon event, and at the end of the day I won a DAB Radio, just for writing this! Whoop Woop! You can listen back to the audio of the whole event here!