On Tuesday I made my foray into AudioBoo! I decided to ‘Boo’ my day, and record significant parts of my day. I don’t lead a particularly interesting or glamourous life, and the audio is quite boring! But it was an interesting experiment nonetheless.

You can hear my day of booing! #FredsBooDay below!

At the station! Getting on the train! #fredsbooday (mp3)

Arrive at Waterloo #fredsbooday (mp3)
Cycle across the Thames #fredsbooday (mp3)

Last few metres to the work basement! #fredsbooday (mp3)

Arrived at work @heartlondon signing in and saying hello! #fredsbooday (mp3)

It”s #wakeywakey on #heartbreakfast with @Jamieandharriet #fredsbooday (mp3)

Show done, time for a quick drink before packing prizes #fredsbooday (mp3)

An extra I end up doing most mornings… @tobyanstis”s 11am tea! #fredsbooday (mp3)

2pm work finished going home. Doctors appointment later #fredsbooday (mp3)
I take the same route back to Waterloo. Cross the Thames. Its busier now! #fredsbooday (mp3)

Get to Waterloo and find my train cancelled! #fredsbooday (mp3)

On the Weymouth train! Woohoo! Why does it stop at Clapham but not say on the signs? #fredsbooday (mp3)

Arrived back at Woking. Worst audio quality, sorry! #fredsbooday (mp3)

No one else at home. Make a quick pasta snack before heading out to the drs. #fredsbooday (mp3)