Been a while since my last ‘Work’ post.

A lot’s been going on. We gave away a load of tickets to Take That’s Progress Tour. We also had an OB from Clapham Common’s Big Dip!

We’ve had many guests on, but I’ve never got to hold a special guest before, so last week was particularly special. We had THE Olympic Torch come to the studio. (Yes, one of the 22 replicas!). I can tell you all about it. It’s got 8000 holes, representing the 8000 torchbearers that will carry the flame. It’s got three sides, representing the 3 times that London has/will hold the Olympics! The three sides also represent the 3 Olympic Values!

Yes yes, very interesting! But look at the photo! 🙂

[Edit: PS – Yes I know it’s quite a boring, and corporate post – take a click on some of the links!]