With just under 2 weeks until I officially become Chair, and just over 1 week until the SRA Handover myself and DCW have been attending meetings to ease in a smooth handover.

I visited the Radio Academy the other day. I met the team that work full-time, including CEO John Myers – who I noticed was in the news today after having written a report about the BBC’s news output. The SRA has a strong connection the Radio Academy. We both work very similarly, we put on similar events, we have similar roles. The Radio Academy is also, very kindly, the registered address of the Student Radio Association. So any snail mail that you post to us, we go and collect from there. They told me a few things about the Radio Festival (tickets now available), but other than that it was a pleasant ‘Hello, nice to meet you’! (We said we’d organise a pub get together soon!)

Yesterday I met with Mike Hill the MD (and only full-time employee of UK Radio Player)! We spoke about how to get as many student stations on the Radio Player as possible, and as quickly as possible. We talked through the finer details, and came up with a couple of suggestions that I need to take back to the Exec and officers before going further. He did show me the admin panels that you get when you sign up for the player, and it really is truly simple to get yourself set on the player; and the concept continues to amaze me each time I dive deeper into it.

Coming up next week David and I have meetings with Absolute; Bauer; and BBC Radio 5 Live where we will talk about sponsorship of the SRA over the coming year specifically how they can get involved in the Student Radio Awards this November.