I’m still getting used to my iPhone and I admit, I’m a sucker for applications, I have loads – (I hide them in folders!).

For a long time, I have wanted to find a Radio Player app, so I can listen to not only my favourite stations, but also some new ones so I can listen to the competition!

This new app that I have found is a goldmine! It’s Amazing! It is international, so I can listen to all stations nationwide in UK, and my favourite stations in Australia as well as stations in America. But the real amazing thing about this app is that it also lists the majority of UK Student Radio Stations as well. You can search by ‘Genre’ and when you select “College” it will show the majority of SRA stations in the UK. There are some issues where stations are mis-categorised, (ie Pure FM from Portsmouth could not be found in ‘College’ genre but could in the “Top 40” category).

Go and check it out, you can download it from the iTunes store, or you can check their website for more information and to listen online. The also have an Android app available too!