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April 2014.

Back when I was at school (in 2003) I was Head Boy at my school. About 5 or 6 incarnations of my website and blog have passed, and this was one of my first posts. The full transcript of what I read out at the end of the first term of the year. It has consistently been one of the biggest drivers to my website, and if you search for “end of term speech” unbelievably this post is one of the top results! If you do find this useful, I’d love to hear from you, so I can understand why this post is doing so well! [/alert]

I feel that this term, has been a very successful first term of the year. We have seen many new things change, not least the new Rutherford building; new staff, and of course new students. I have now had the pleasure of meeting with all of year nine on several occasions, and from next term, will continue to do similar things throughout the other years of the school.

We have had plenty other events, that we are now more than used to. Including, Battle of the Bands, The Carol Concert, and house competitions, like, Cross Country, yr9 superstars, and now the Rugby finals.

Doing things together as a school, is what I find the most important thing about the way Worth is. That is why the Family Mass and Carol Concert, are always well attended and important. The thing that I, personally enjoyed about the Carol Concert, every year, is that it is something that even old boys, can come to, I very much enjoyed, talking to some old boys, that were Upper 6th Prefects, while I was in year 9.

Having said that, we have had the opportunity, this term, to do many more things together. For example, on Saturday, 22nd November, we were able to celebrate the victorious Rugby World Cup, we have all be able to see the talent in performing arts. I have been to many concerts, this term, the choir sang for the charity, CLIC. Also, concerts with both the Senior Orchestra, and the Austin House orchestra. And over the last two weeks, we have seen the theatrical ability of the school, with two excellent, plays, Understanding Archie and Sons of Ulster, just last week. Performed by a group of 6th formers, the majority of which all have very important exams coming up, some before the beginning of next term.

As a prefect group we have had the chance, this year, to see things from a different perspective. And together, along with the staff body, had managed to reach many new targets, and achievements; for example, Francis Bartleet and Mr Hearn, have made an outstanding effort to increase the amount of voluntary service, in the school. With the introduction of the new recycling bins.

Finally, I would like to say that I have very much enjoyed a term, which has put me through, ups, down, stress, and calm. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy Christmas, and a restful, well deserved holiday.